Vranov to Nový Hrádek Cycling Route

This track offers an extraordinary whole-day bike ride through the core of the Czech Republic’s Podyjí National Park and the most valuable part of Austria’s Nationalpark Thayatal. It can include a visit to the romantic Nový Hrádek castle ruins and the Austrian Hardegg castle. Length: 40 km.

The daylong trip starts at the gate of the Vranov Chateau. Start riding down the road to the town and turn right at the square. Turn left before a bridge over the river, ride among several houses of Přední Hamry and follow the Dyje river to Zadní Hamry. Continue along the green-marked trail, pass the Ledové sluje [Ice Grottos] and start climbing along the rather demanding cycling track No. 5122 up Větrník hill. This section is one of the most picturesque, but requires a great deal of physical fitness, featuring a 200 m altitude gain. Then follow cycling track No. 48 marked as a red trail to the edge of Čížov that features the visitor centre of the Podyjí National Park and the interesting Luitgardina vyhlídka [scenic vista]. Continue along the red trail to the village of Lukov, the trail turns left at the end of the village onto a field track running to the Příčky way post. Change for the green-marked trail (track No. 5002) at Příčky and follow a forest track running through the second and later the first zone of the National Park to the Nový Hrádek castle ruins, offering a unique bird’s-eye view of the Podyjí landscape. After a tour of the historical monument, return to Čížov (using the same tracks) from where you follow the green-marked trail across the state border to the smallest Austrian ‘city’ of Hardegg. Visit its medieval castle, rest for a while and start riding the ‘cycling route of six cities’ to the village of Felling. Cross the border back to the Czech Republic there and finish the trip in Vranov nad Dyjí.