Plan your visit


There is no parking for cars in front of the chateau. For this purpose there is a large car park (supervised during the main season) on the road at the end of Vranov (in the direction towards Podmýče). From there visitors can walk some 600 metres on a path leading through the woods to the main entrance of the chateau.


Wheelchair users can join the tour on the third route (the exhibition in front of the main gate). On the first route (the installed interiors) it is only possible if provision is made for being carried up the broad entrance staircase and at the end of the tour being carried down again. In the building at the main gate there are appropriately modified and modernised social facilities available. On request the chateau administration will try to cater for individual needs of the disabled. 


Dogs are allowed in the outdoor area of the chateau only when on a leash and under the constant supervision of their owners. It is forbidden to tie them to the railings and leave them unsupervised. They are not allowed into the interiors. A dog-minding service is not provided.


The visitors’ regulations do not permit the entry of bicycles into the internal area of the chateau. Tourists on bikes must leave them at the entrance where they can be also be locked in a stand. There is no security service provided.

Child facilities

Separate facilities for children are not available. In the building at the entrance, which has spacious and modern social facilities equipped with sinks, there is only a changing table for parents with small children.


In July and August visitors can enjoy a stylish coffee and wine bar in the first courtyard. Throughout the season there is a provisional kiosk before the main gate offering refreshments. On completion of the expensive reconstruction of the chateau stable opposite the kiosk will be replaced with a modern restaurant better corresponding to the needs of visitors and today’s standards.

Visitors on foot

  • There are five bus stops serving public transport in Vranov, one of them about 120 metres from the chateau entrance. A shuttle service is provided in July and August running several times a day on a wheeled sightseeing ‘train’ running from the beach at the Vranov Reservoir via the square to the chateau and back.
  • The chateau and its surroundings are part of Podyjí National Park, which at the border meets the Austrian National Park Thayatal. Visitors on foot must therefore adhere to the valid rules governing the movement of people, which among other things means that in the first and second zones of both parks they must stay on the marked tourist trails.